Pop Mashup Dancefloor

brest-brest-brest-collage-alimentaire-02-1080x796This programmation is a natural tribute to music. Indeed, if recycling – that represents the roots of mashup cinema – is thousands of years old, its closest ancestor is musical mashup. The mashup video comes straight out of the musical trends of the 20th century. From sampling in hip-hop, and from the DJs medleys during the 80s, when several tracks were compiled.
We advise you to listen to the
 The Cure-Gainsbourg « Just like heaven”-“Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais” mashup. 
Later, this remix, loop, and musical appropriation culture was translated into the visual language.

Luke Is All By Himself, David Unger (1’30)
Musicless Music Video Rihanna,  Mario Wienerroither (1’)
The Hidden Face of Pop, Julien Lahmi (3’20)
Musicless Music Video Bowie Jagger, Mario Wienerroither (1’)
The dragon’s daughterJohn D Boswell (3’)
Breaking Bad Remix, Chris Lohr (2’30)
This is how I feel, Kutiman (4’20)
Drums unlimited, Giovanni Sample (11’45)
Musicless Music Video Lionel Richie,  Mario Wienerroither (1’)
Dog memeMike Diva (0’30)
The Beach Boys Shred I get around,  Massbetelnut (2’10)
Rain and Fever, Raphaël Minnesota (2’20)
Hell’s Club 1, Antonio Maria Da Silva (9’40)