Catalog of programs


Dear programmers, art teachers, museum curators and movie theater managers,
Both avant-garde and popular, mashup is one of the four great revolutions of cinematographic language in the digital age. Mashup films are audiovisual creations where editing takes power over the staging. And all the old genres are represented: short and feature film, fiction, documentary, experimental and animated cinema.
If most of these films were first created for the internet, it turns out that some have a potential for wonder, fun and sharing on the big screen. Here is a presentation of various programs mashup dishes made by the cream of the cream of our internet gleaners. To establish this catalog, we have selected the programs that have already worked proven in movie theaters especially during the Mashup Film Festival supported by ARTE and the CNC (63 cultural venues, cinemas, digital art centers and more than 9,000 spectators in France and abroad). And in 2018-2019, we collaborated with great contemporary art museums like FRAC Bretagne and prestigious festivals like the ISFF Clermont, that is to say the second biggest film festival in France after Cannes.
Now you can click below and marry these flavors from around the planet mashup to make complete meals, spicy or sweet-salty according to your tastes and your audiences!



            FOR CHILDREN                         WORLD                                           POP                                                          PUNK                                 FUN LESSONS

For young audience                                 Sweet and sour                                            Sweety                                                                  Salty                                       Image analysis