Mashup Film Festival 2017



« There are four types of creative expression revolutionizing cinema nowadays: TV series, Transmedia, Virtual Reality and Mashup. The first one enriches the medium with complex characters, the second one furthers the means of expression, the third enlarges our field of vision and the fourth creates unusual and sometimes unexpected combinations. Only the latter doesn’t, at the moment, have a Festival of its own in France. We would like to change that. »

Julien Lahmi Artistic Director


Many people are aware of this practice without really knowing it in its entirety or all of its nuances. The goal of the Festival is to make the connection between fun and funny mashup videos that make the round of the internet with more arthouse mashup films as to show the richness of this phenomenon. We would like for a large audience to get to know the mashup directors via screenings of their films, roundtables and workshops. And why not inspire some new ones !

A interactive festival

The audience will be invited to create, invent and meet even if they are not physically in the same place by using the digital technology available to us today. We believe in the notion of sharing, participating and experiencing culture all together.


Recent events where we have talked about and/or screened mashup films.