Sampled Western


Ah, America! By far the biggest cinema icon retailer, and Western is one of its most important figures. How do samplers-mashupers-remixers take control of the Far West myth? First of all, with a lot of sobriety and humility, by compiling what makes  the principal pillar of the genre: gun fights, closeup eyes, boots, hats, the hero’s harmonica that allows him to say « I’m so not afraid of you that I’m going to play some music to you » to his opponent. Mashupers create a real cinema lover pleasure by putting all of our favorite characters in a same movie, and therefore by multiplying the emotion. In that way, it is interesting to notice the central role of Sergio Leone’s images and Ennio Morricone’s music. In this projection, you’ll also see more iconoclast  propositions. Re-appropriation in words, musical remixes. For some, this is only  about making a small step in the feminist way, for others, the goal is a morally regular attack that are hugely present in the hollywoodian Westerns.

Gunslinger (extrait), Smash TV
Sergio Leone Western Tribute, Antonio Alvarez
Once upon a Shootout, Andrew Kozlowsky
For a fistfull of brooklyn babies, DJ Rozroz
La Classe Américaine (extrait « Hyper puissant »), Michel Hazanavicius et Dominique Mézerette
The Good, the Bad and the Creepy, Phil RetroSpector
Color Shoot, Johanna Vaude