The eyeful schedule

Mashup cinema is one of the faces of today’s Pop art. It shows the obscenity that celebrity can put on, the mediatization and more generally the majoritary thought. We thought it would be interesting to put that closer to the so called body obscenity and to the flesh desires. How can we use nudity to show the real vulgarity?  

This scheduling makes you get an eyeful, because it puts to the light all the tools that our eyes can’t see anymore. Avant-garde cinemas of the 60s used to fight against consumer society and its materialism. Today’s mashup cinema is less of an openly and politically activist. But its goal to orchestrate the flows of continuous images in our numeric world is also a try to make us see what really counts. In this dense bush of images, mashup creates paths, collections, and connections. It goes looking for the   Il part à la recherche de la substantific flash of the plethoric-visual world in which we are living.

Contre, Tout Contre, Yoann Stehr 
L’état d’urgence, Jacques Spohr
Moonlight Serenade, Julien Lahmi
Flesh, Edouard Salier
Fig 4, Augustin Gimel
Les sœurs Van Hoof, Bouli Lanners