Big Memorial Mashup menu – Ketchpop sauce

This is a transition schedule, a handover between found footage and mashup. Both speak first of memory and are part of the big family of borrowing cinema, of re-use/second hand. But they are most of the time quite different and are even sometimes complete opposites in a way. In fact, let’s put it this way: found footage takes the unknown movie and takes it out for us to get to know it. Mashup goes the other way around, it takes some globally known movie and takes it down from its pedestal. But their mutual interactions and influences are complex. So, are they like father and son or more like distant cousins? 

Great Martian WarChristian Johnson and Steve Maher
200 000 fantômesJean-Gabriel Périot
La Montagne au Goût de Sel, Julien Lahmi
Les Guerres de l’Etoile, Les Singes Hurlants
Dans l’ombre, Fabrice Mathieu
Martin Scorsese A Tribute, Alexandre Gasulla
Kubrick, One-Point Perspective, Kogonada