My small illustrated mashup


« Mashup? What is that thing?  

– Would you believe me if I told you that it’s at the same time a millenary tradition, today’s avant-garde, a popular imagery and that when you mix and shake them all, it gives you a numeric revolution and an assembler cinema? In this participative conference, there will a handful of history and a lot of screenings! 

The amount of mashup movies on the internet is huge. Some are seen, commented, shared by dozens of millions of people. A real groundswell where french directors take a big part. However, mashup cinema is still somehow undefined. That’s what I’m going to try and do using words and images in that small illustrated mashup.  
 To show the several iconic faces of this new way of creating audio-visual works, we will pick movies in the online encyclopedia Mashup Cinema, depending on the audience’s wish and their curiosity. You will be able to react after each movie, and we will talk about the particularity of the mashup way of doing: tribute, marriage, pop art, re-appropriation, revolt… We will also widen our artistic frame towards the social and juridic répercutions  Mashup cinema advocates a society of sharing. »  – Julien Lahmi