About the festival


The   Mashup phenomenon has  become more and more prevalent , at its center you’ll find many French filmmakers. What Daft Punk did for electronic music in the 90s is what this new kind of film expression is doing for cinema,a new wave of artists who  »borrow » their material from already existing works , a kind of a new French Touch if you will. This creative avant-garde  has an enormous and universal  success :the most viewed French film last year came from Mashup Cinema and it was Hell’s Club with 30 million views and counting.

A brand new festival

Initiated at the Forum des Images in 2011 , the 2017 edition will take place in over a hundred cultural venues and   spaces of learning and high education  where over 500  mashup films will be screened during the month of June. At the same time, conferences and workshops will be organized where there will be vivid discussions around the subject of mashup.

An oscar winning patron

The Patron of the 2017 edition is the award winning director Michel Hazanavicius.

A transmedia festival

In this brand new edition the emphasis will be on the connection with the audience thanks to:

  • A livestream  will be available simultaneously in all the  festival venues and all the cities where the event takes place as well as for  people at home.
  • Live shows combining digital and performance art : a concert by Mashup Superstars and a dance performance by  »Intermission ».
  • Events filmed with a VR camera allowing viewers to have an immerse experience of the event from all over the world.